What do you use on your hair?


Hi hi wonderful readers, I hope all is well!

So I recently reviewed some of the old products and reviews I've done over the past few years.

I think when I first went natural and people asked me what I used I felt compelled to be very specific about what I used, how I used it and how often. I would go into details about ingredients, prices etc. All of this if useful for some people I'm sure, but since we know that products have different effects on different textures, not everyone was happy with the results.

Now, when people ask, my response is no more helpful than before.

The conversation tends to go something like this:

Other Person: What do you do to your hair? what products do you use?

Me: Anything really.

Other Person: *Blank stare* Yes, but what do you use to make your hair curly?

Me: I don't use anything. You can't really use a product to make your hair curly unless you do a curly perm.

Other Person: Ok... so what do you use?

Me: Honestly? Whatever I can get my hands on. Whatever I find at home. If I try it once and I'm ok with the results, I'm happy enough to use it until it's finished.

Other person: *blank stare*

Me: I mean, at the moment for example, I'm using - XXX - conditioner because it's what we had at home and I just needed a conditioner.

Other person: But what about silicones?

Me: I try to avoid them if possible, but it's not really something I worry about too much.

Other Person: Right. 

I'm not trying to be vague or unhelpful guys. I just don't go crazy about products the way I was before. Even my product hauls aren't very exciting anymore. Having said that, I have stumbled across a few gems and I'll be writing review over the next couple of weeks.

So in summary, right, now, my personal criteria for a good product goes something like this:

  1. Does it smell nice?
  2. Is it affordable?
  3. Does it make de-tangling a bit easier?
  4. Does it provide any moisture?

I'm probably a little more blasé about it because length is no longer a priority - retention and moisture are because Lord knows my hair is always in need of moisture.

I remember when all the naturals I followed on Youtube used to go on about water; drinking it, spraying it, loving it... Seemed like garbage advice. Trust me, it's the best advice. Your hair needs it! Lots of it. I almost feel like as long as it is getting enough of that, the whole product thing is made easier.

Anyway, random ramble over.

I've promised to post more regularly and I haven't. So no more broken promises!

Until next time,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed