Thank You @NoScrunchie!

I Just Wanted to Pop in and Say thank You...

Back in February I reviewed a salon on NoScrunchie and I won a pair of Ebba Goring earrings in the prize draw.

original_stitch-studsThey are lovely. I never got around to saying thank you. Apologies! So here I am now :)

NoScrunchie by the way, is a site where afro hair salons from all across the UK are reviewed. It's a great way to find salons near you and to find out what other people thought of them. You can also add salons that you know of or have visited and review them too!

So check it out.

Much Love


P.S. Who is going to be at the Afro Hair Show Live or #BritBeauty events this weekend? Leave a comment if you are :)