Shrink & Stretch...

Yeh... Shrinkage... It's a pain. A real pain in the a**. Growth

I've only been natural for 3 months but even in this short period of time I've seen a lot of growth. It makes you feel good to see that your hair is growing.

I wait a little longer to do my co-washes now. I've moved from every other day to every 4 days or so. In between washes I have started doing 2 strand twists on my hair. It's long enough now to NOT look like coils (I'm not a fan of coils). After a couple days I'll take the twists out and rock a twist out for one or 2 days.

My stretched out hair looks great, curly, about 3-4 inches in diameter i I'm rocking a twist out fro. Pretty impressive right?

Wash day

So (c0)wash day arrives and every thing's good. I'm ready to clean my hair and re-seal in some of the moisture that's lost from wearing my hair out all week. I wash my hair and before I've even grabbed a towel, my hair's shrivelled back into my head, and I look like a mushroom again!

It's beyond frustrating!!! Stretching out your hair is of course an obvious option, but there's no long term option which is annoying, and it takes a long time to do it when your hair is still short like mine. You can't just plait it into 4 and sleep. It's small twists all over your head.

It's something that anyone going natural has to deal with, and I think the best way to do that is to embrace the shrinkage and rock it as it is.

That's my 2 cents.