My top tips for healthy real hair:

Hair texture matters. There are differences but generally speaking this is what has always worked for me...

Some of the tips below are common sense but sometimes they are things that we forget or overlook. They are small minor things but they all really do help.

  1. NO GREASE: If your hair is relaxed, you do not need to go crazy with oil and grease. Avoid petroleum products all together, stuff like 'Blue Magic' and the Vaseline-like products. Greasy hair becomes limp, it clogs together and this causes tangles and breakage. Oil your scalp. Natural oils are better; coconut oil is nice, carrot oil, castor oil are all fine too. Shea butter is good for hair but might be to heavy for certain types of relaxed hair.
  2. Relax your hair when it is due! Every 6-8 weeks.
  3. Steam your hair every 2-3 weeks, even once a week if you can.
  4. TRIM YOUR HAIR: So many people are reluctant to do this but it's so important. If you have split ends and don't cut them the damage will travel up and your hair will break. Trimming your hair doesn't make your hair grow faster, but it will ensure healthy hair growth. That I can guarantee.
  5. Wrap your hair at night, it helps keep it flat, smooth and tangle-free.
  6. If your hair is really tangled, the best time to comb it is after you've washed it, when there is conditioner in your hair.
  7. Excessive heat is BAD: Limit straightening to special occasions, blow dry your hair when you have washed it or when it gets wet (caught in the rain etc). Blow drying in a salon with a round brush creates effects even better than straightening.
  8. Comb from the bottom up e.g. start from the roots and work your way up.
  9. Avoid using hair gel. It's not good for your hair.
  10. If you want added shine, a penny sized dollop of hair polish or olive oil hair sheen spray. These products gently moisturise and give the hair a natural glow.