'Purely Natural' Hair Salon, Stratford & Curls Unleashed


Hello all!

This is just a quick one.

I visited Purely Natural Hair Salon, Stratford, East London on Friday for a trim. I decided to wash and blow out my hair too. I called in advance to book an appointment and to ask a few questions.

General impression: The salon wasn't too hard to find, I called when I got to stratford station to get directions, it's about 5 minutes walk from the station. Staff were friendly and helpful, happy to answer any questions that I had.


My hair was already de-tangled (with water and coconut oil), so it was washed immediately. I asked for a sulphate-free shampoo, so they used the Curls Unleashed Lavish In Lather Sulphate Free Shampoo. It got the job done. I didn't moisturise as well as my Carol's Daughter shampoo, but it got the job done, and didn't dry out my hair too much. The stylist then went on to condition my hair. I asked for a silicone-free conditioner, but they didn't have one. so yes, I now have silicones in my hair again. Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet. I'm determined not to use a sulphate shampoo again after the results last month, so I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.

The conditioner was left to sit on my hair for a few minutes and then the stylist detangled my hair in section before rinsing it out. My hair was then towel dried (the towel was a bit rough, I know that's a weird thing to notice, but I felt some of my hair get snagged in the fibers/strands). The stylist then used the Curls Unleashed No Boundaries Leave In. I can't really say what kind of effect it had on my hair, because it was blow-dried immediately. But in terms of the feel now, it's not dry, it's still pretty soft, so I guess that's a plus.

Once my hair was dry, the stylist applied some Ghanaian Shea Butter to my scalp. My scalp was a bit dry so this helped a lot.

My hair was trimmed in sections, starting right at the back and working her way up. She then did the sides, my crown, and then the front. I don't think she trimmed more than an inch off of my hair. My ends were pretty damaged; dry and brittle so I was happy for her her to snip as much as was necessary.

Results/ General Overview/Feedback

I left my hair out afterwards, and it did frizz and poof up quite a bit.

Overall I liked the salon, I liked the treatment and I liked the fact that I was able to ask questions too. It cost £20 to wash, blow dry and trim, (just a trim is £10), which I think is fair, and they even gave me some freebies (product sample bottles):

I have used the Curl defining creme 3 nights in a row as part of my night time routine to flat twist my hair before bed. It smells amazing, leaves my hair soft, shiny, and moisturised. BUT it does contain silicones, which I didn't realise until I checked the ingredients on the site last night. So I'm still on the fence about whether or not to buy a pot. They don't sell the line on British Curlies yet, but 'PAKS' sell it so we'll see.

I've uploaded a new video about it too:


I think that's it for now!

Much Love xxx