Product Review: Afrocenchix


Afrocenchix Moisturising Products Review

Afrocenchix is a UK-based hair product company. In November last year, Joycelyn from Afrocenchix got in touch with me, introducing the Afrocenchix line, and asked if I would like to review some of their products.

I usually have a few questions for companies who ask me to review their products the most common one is: are the products made for a specific hair texture/type? This line is designed with those who have kinky/tightly curled hair in mind, but can also be used by women with relaxed hair.

What I got

By the time the products arrived, my hair was in kinky twists and I was about to travel, so I took the spray and daily moisturiser with me when I travelled and gave them both a try over christmas. The oil I have to say I have not used as much. This is mainly because for the most part, I have stopped applying oil to my hair and scalp as a part of my daily styling/moisturising routine. The only time I use oil now is for hot oil treatments (as part of my once a week deep condition), and sometimes mixed in with my rinse out conditioner.


The Natural Moisturising Spray

The Natural Moisturising Spray is actually pretty great. Smells divine. Fresh and light. Felt a bit sticky when I first sprayed it on my hair and can leave fingers feeling a bit grimy, so keep tissue or a towel nearby. It dries reasonably fast and left my hair feeling really soft. It also interacts well with other product lines. I have used it with Shea Moisture and Taliah Waajid natural hair care products.

Application, however, can be a problem because the spray nozzle shoots out in straight lines (rather than a light spray mist that spreads out). I don’t know if it’s because the fluid is too thick to be a spray or if it’s the actual nozzle on the bottle, but it meant I had to distribute the product through my hair with my fingers after spraying it. This can be quite a messy process and not ideal if you just want to spritz and go. It also means that once you do get your hands wet and sticky, the bottle slips and this makes it harder to press the spray pump and hold the areas of your hair that you want to target. The spray hits hard and doesn’t cover a huge surface area which means more pumps, which means more product. Despite this, I have used the spray over and over again. It’s a nice curl refresher and smoothes into the hair very much like you would expect a water-based leave in to. It interacts really nicely with the Daily moisturiser which has enough oil to seal in the moisture from the spray. 

The Daily Moisturiser

The Daily moisturiser is fantastic. It’s a white, thick, creamy consistency (think pink oil if you’ve ever used it, minus the awful smell and wild colour). It feel a bit greasy initially, but my hair was not at all. I got the most out of the Moisturiser when I used it with the Moisturising spray or another water-based leave-in conditioner. The cream is a little on the heavy side so it’s ideal for the winter weather. I tried it on a twist out and braid out. I preferred the results on twists - particularly on the second day after I had re-twisted for bed. I don’t know if this is because my twists tend to be more loose and fluffy than my braids.

This is not a product I would use every single day because of the consistency as well as the fact that it is quite oily. The oils meant I did not feel the need to use any additional oils on my hair. My favourite thing about the Daily Moisturiser is the smell. It smells really clean and fresh, without being overwhelming, and that scent lasts for a few days, so my hair always smells freshly washed when I use it. I also used it on my blown out hair and found that it did not cause the curls to revert too much, which almost always happens when you moisturise blown out hair. This was favourite of the three products I tried.


I am not sure I would go out of my way to buy the Spray or Oil again - the spray mainly because I don’t like the way the product comes out of the bottle, and the oil, because these days I generally prefer just using plain natural oils (if I choose to use any at all). I will try pouring the spray mix into another bottle and see if that makes a difference. The product itself is pretty great - application is holding it back. I also don’t care for the sticky fingers sensation I get when I use it. For what it is, I think the price of the Natural Moisturising Spray is very reasonable. The Daily Moisturiser is the real winner, although I think it's a little pricy. I would absolutely buy it. It’s the perfect winter moisturiser. when I use the products together, they give my hair a nice healthy shine. The Daily Moisturiser smells amazing, and a little goes a very long way. What more could I ask for?

Thank you to Afrocenchix for the products. I have enjoyed using and reviewing them. I will put a video review on the channel so that you can see exactly how I used the products and how they worked on my hair.



Size Price Rating
Sheen - Natural Moisturising Spray 250ml £8.50 ★★★☆☆
Smooth - Daily Moisturiser 250ml £12 ★★★★☆
Soothe - Natural Soothing Scalp Oil 100ml £13 ★★★☆☆

Things I take into account when rating products are:Does it do what it is supposed to? E.g. Hold, Curl, Moisturise, Clean etc; look and feel of my hair; smell; price; size; ease of use/application etc.

I hope this was helpful for someone out there.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay blessed.