New Video

Hello, hello!

It's been a while. I'll write a proper post soon. Until then, here's a video of me 'finger detangling' my hair. I was really against this before. Time consuming and ineffective; that's what I thought. I gave it a try again and now that I've figured it out, it's actually not so bad. It does take a while, but I think I experience less breakage. Also, combs and brushes sometimes miss knots. I find that using my fingers makes it easier to feel the knots. I also used the video as an opportunity to show you guys my texture/curl pattern again. I get a lot of questions about that. As I've said before, even I'm not entirely sure what it is because the texture varies, but you can see for yourself. I think the sides are 4A/B (tighter curls/coils/kinky) and the top , middle, and back is 3C (looser curls, more like spirals).


Ciao for now!