#NaturalHair Product Review: The Beauty United Coconut & Vanilla Elixir


I've been meaning to tell you, my lovely readers, about this product for a few weeks now. It was sent to me by Beauty United. They're a Paris-based Natural Hair brand. I'd never heard of them before I tried the product so I didn't have any preconceptions or expectations.

Coconut and Vanilla Elixir

The product is described as a serum. I'd say it's a mix of oils. Either way I like it. On the bottle, it says:

  • Repairing Serum
  • Coconut Oil Strengthens
  • Vanilla Oil nurtures

It came in a 30ml/1 fl oz bottle with a pump nozzle. Because of the coconut oil, the serum does solidify if room temperature drops, but put it near a heater or on your lap, or even rub the bottle in your hands for a few seconds and it melts again.

It came with no instructions, so I used it the way I would use normal coconut oil:

  1. To seal in moisture after washing and using a leave in conditioner/moisturiser before styling.
  2. To add shine/gloss to twists and twist outs
  3. As a heat protectant

It worked best for me when I used it on my twists and blown out hair. Sometimes I smooth a little over my hair before tying a silk scarf at night. It made my hair shiny, and it smells amazing. Turns out coconut and vanilla is a pretty lovely combination. It is a little on the oily side (obviously), which is why I'm reluctant to call it a serum but this took nothing away from the results for me. The elixir is lighter than coconut oil I think. It didn't weigh my hair down or make it too greasy which was nice.

I'm not sure about the claim that it repairs. I'm not truly convinced there are m(any) products that can do that. Damage is damage. But as a light oil, sealer, protectant and even as a smoothing styler, it worked great!

My only real issue with the product is the quantity. I've almost run out. A little of the elixir goes a long way, but natural hair is thick and for full coverage, you need quite a few pumps. If you're using it every day, you're likely to run out quickly. A bigger bottle would be better.

All in all, I was pleased. BUT at €26.99 it is pricey......

It's not currently sold in the UK, so if you are willing to splash it, you've got to order it online.

There is no guarantee you will get the same results that I did from this product. All reviews are honest and impartial, reflecting personal experiences and opinions. 

If any of you have tried it and had a similar or different experience feel free to share it in the comments.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay blessed