My #NaturalHair: Things I Always Forget and Always Regret


I remind you guys about moisturising your hair more often than I do it myself. Isn't that terrible?

Harsh conditions mess with my hair. If it's too hot my hair dries out. If it's too cold, my hair is brittle. If it's too humid my hair frizzes. If it's too wet, then I experience loads of shrinkage. It sometimes feels like you can't win. It's annoying.

I have found tools and methods to off-set some of the unwanted side effects of the unpredictable weather but I never remember them until it's too late.

  1. Moisturise everyday - Why? Because, well, it keeps your hair moisturised, which means no dryness, which means less tangling, which means less breakage, which means more length retention. It's also easier to manage. It looks feels nice. It also looks nice. That's a lot of also's to consider. Moisturising is important and really should be top of your hair care to-do list. If it isn't then don't expect your hair to cooperate. It won't.
  2. Leaving your hair out all the time looks good but feels bad - Why? If your strands are free and loose, they tend to dry up and tangle. Extreme weather conditions seem to make this worse. I love letting my hair fly free in the wind. I don't love spending hours finger-detangling or ripping single strand knots out (which is another awful thing I do ).
  3. Protective-styling is the best thing ever - Why? Because you protect your hair (duh) from the harsh elements. Your hair looks great. Protective styles tend to be pretty easy to manage. It also gives you some off from what can be quite a tiresome daily hair grooming routine.
  4. Water is everything -Why? Because you need it. Body, Skin, Hair, everything is better when you up your water intake/use. Most products work better with my hair if I use them in combination with some H2O. It's also the cheapest hair product ever - it's free.
  5. Doing the real manual labour before bed saves time in the mornings - Why? Because most people don't have time to moisturise, de-tangle and style before work/school/life starts everyday. The more pre-work you do at night, the easier it makes things the next day. So even when I'm reeeeeeally tired now, I try to moisturise and twist my hair before bed.
  6. A silk scarf makes everything better - Why? Because.
  7. Ok, I'll tell you why No.6 - You don't have to worry about clapped edges in the morning. A silk scarf tied/wrapped around your head at night lays those edges down for the day. It protects them too - no pillow friction. It makes your hair look glossy. If you've got loads of greasy/oily products in your hair, it soaks up a lot of that which saves your pillow cases. It helps maintain/hold a style for more than a day. So, if you rocked a really cute bun on Monday, you got it JUST right, nice and full, and right in the middle of your head, you may decide you want to rock it again on Tuesday. But how will you sleep without messing it up??? Grab a silk scarf and catch some Zzz's.
  8. I'm tired and I can't remember what else I wanted to tell you. But I think that was quite a lot anyway.
  9. Oh actually, as a follow up to 6 and 7, NEVER sleep with your hair down/uncovered/unprotected/unwrapped - Why? BECAUSE UNLESS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A REASON TO BIG CHOP AGAIN IT IS NOT WORTH IT. There have been nights where I've fallen into bed with my hair down and woken up in the middle of the night choking on my hair. And that's not even the worst part. The next day I can't do anything. I can't comb it. I can't put it up in a bun. It's a tangled, dry, crispy mess and the only way to fix it is to wash, condition, de-tangle. And who has time for that on a non-wash day???
  10. Don't take short cuts when de-tangling - Why? Because you just end up doing the same task twice. I sometimes try to rush de-tangling or skip areas and you know what I've learnt? That you can get knots anyway along the hair strand. Knots at the tip aren't so bad. But if/when your hair gets tangled at the root, you're in trouble. So do it right the first time, under running water with lots of conditioner in your hair, and you won't have to do it again (that day).

I will leave you with this picture of me in my new glasses and the hair style I rocked today ^_^


Did this post really have anything to do with the weather? Not really, actually. Sorry guys.


Until next time, stay healthy, stay happy, stay blessed!