Long Time No Speak... Just Flake(s): Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Define and Shine Custard


Hello! I've been meaning to write for a while. I know in my last post I said that I was going to be starting a new series,  of blog posts, and I still have every intention of doing that. But I did need to take a break for various reasons. I think writing about hair when you're trying to figure other things out can be quite tricky. I've got a lot to write about and I'm not even sure where to start at this point.

I actually only really came on here to have a quick rant. You wouldn't know this because I haven't blogged in quite some time, but I've  switched up my routine a little bit.  For almost 2 months now I've been trying to stick to one line of products: the Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair line.

I wanted to see how my hair would respond if I wasn't mixing all my products up all the time. Overall the results were pretty good I have to say. I really like the two leave-in conditioners. There are two different leave-in conditioners and both of them are really great. The shampoo and deep conditioner are fantastic too.

I think the deep conditioner is probably my favourite product from the line. It does a really great job at moisturising your hair and I think the product genuinely does penetrate the strands. You feel the difference almost immediately. My hair was definitely a lot easier to manage and very soft. If you don't mind the scent of the products (coconut) I'd say that's also an advantage -  it makes you smell like a holiday!

I really like the texture of the deep conditioner. It's kind of like a really thick cream and I don't know, really explain it, but I just really like the way it feels when you smooth it onto the hair. In terms of texture, I think it kind of reminds me of like a really thick body cream.  I also like the fact that I didn't have to use a lot of the products to get really good results.  When I say good results, I mean my hair was soft, it felt moisturised, and it was into style afterwards.

Anyway I didn't come on here today to talk about the whole line, I just wanted to talk about one product in particular, which I have to say, I am really not happy about. It's Cantu Shea Butter define and shine custard. This product has been a complete nightmare to use.  It's a shame because in terms of application I think it's really great. It has lots of slip, and it's fairly easy to apply. But the way this product flakes is just completely out of this world. Like, you literally can't wear black or any dark clothing if you've got this product in your hair...

I did a wash and go using this product and then I went to work the next day. It literally just looked like I had dandruff.  Not only does it flake, but it leaves this weird white-grey film over your hair as well. Especially at the ends.  The only way to get rid of the flakes is to wash your hair again.  I really wanted to like this product. I really wanted it to work. The curl definition and hold it provides is superb. So I made a point of going onto YouTube to find out if anyone else had experienced the same challenges that I was having now.  I found a video by Mahriyah Victoria where she shared tips on how to make the product work without having the flakes: add a bit of oil to the jar. So  the next time I used it, I added some almond oil to custard pot and mixed it together ( by shaking the pot aggressively for about 10 minutes).  I used this new improved mix this weekend and ... The results were exactly the same!  I just can't seem to get it to work. It's so annoying!

So rather than risk any more mishaps have decided just throw away. It really is a shame because I think the rest of the line is really good,  and seems to be working well for me. I don't understand why this one product is just so bad. The craziest part is that in terms of actual hold/definition, I can't think of many products that give you the same level that this one does. So technically the custard does what it's supposed to do to your hair, but not without the undesired side effects. Part of me wonders if the issue is the actual texture of natural hair. I wish I knew what it was in the ingredient that was creating this issue. Anyway, I won't be using it ever again. I had enough now. Last night I had to go to an afterwork summer party with grey flakes in my hair. It was pretty embarrassing.

If anyone has used this custard and has found another way around this problem then please let me know because I want it to work!!!

That's pretty much all I had to say today I just wanted to share the results I had with  the custard and also to warn anyone else  who might be considering this product. My advice is be very careful with it. It's extremely frustrating and not worth the hassle in my opinion.

I'll do a proper  review of the full line in the next few weeks.  I have a lot to say but I want go into detail about how I use the products as well as what I think of them.

Until next time,

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay blessed!