Is #NaturalHair Boring?

Yes. Sometimes...

Disclaimer: So I actually started writing this post like a month or two ago, and things have moved on since then but I want to make sure I do remain honest and candid with my views. So here it is:

Let's be real. Natural Hair can be boring. If you've never felt that way I envy you.

I get tired of my hair sometimes. The time, the effort, the product combinations and deep conditioning and twisting and braiding and silk scarves and bonnets and frizz. I get tired too.


I don't spend as much time on my hair anymore. Mostly because I don't have that kind of time anymore. Also, because it's not new and exciting like it was when I first cut my hair.

I am proud to say after a long stint in product rehab, I think I'm a recovering addict. Now I buy only what I need when I need it. So there's no new-product-excitement. After fail after fail after fail I've given up on trying exciting new styles (bantu knots are the worst). My hair always looks the same. And it's dry and crunchy and styles don't hold because the ends are split. Nothing looks quite right. Getting ready for a night out or a formal event is a nightmare. Blow outs look great but dry out my hair, despite taking various preventative measures, straightening my hair left me with frazzled tips. So what do I do now? I leave it alone. Is this boring? Yes. Sometimes...

And it doesn't look like the wenches on YouTube no matter what I do!

R A G E ! ! !

If I'm totally honest, I miss my relaxed hair now more than ever. I hated having my hair relaxed because my scalp always burnt and my scalp dermatitis was worse than ever when I did. But in many ways it was easier. A quick ponytail, a scruffy bun, and I was good to go. Have I thought about relaxing my hair again? I've toyed with the idea ( a number of times recently), but I like my natural hair way more than I dislike these phases of boredom and the hassle of taking care of it.

I see this natural hair 'journey' as a conscious life choice - some may disagree, but this is what it is for me. I'm not ready to give it up.

On the good days. My hair makes me feel really good. Beautiful.

And the perfect braid out is a real skill and achievement. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

What do we do?

Short answer? I don't know. Push through I guess. I think I'm bored because I'm not doing anything with my hair. It's a vicious cycle; ignore hair -> it becomes harder to mange -> you do even less -> it becomes damaged -> you get frustrated and do even less -> it becomes harder to manage.

The solution is simple! Do what is easy. Do what makes you happy - applicable even in relation to hair care.

I am thinking about switching back to the Curly Girl Method. I haven't decided if I am sticking strictly to the handbook (yes there is literally a book - and it is pretty useful), or creating my own version but I'll let you know.

Why the Curly Girl Method?

Last time I tried it, I found it time-consuming and expensive (because you have to avoid so many damn ingredients and products), but there was a definite difference in the way my hair looked and felt after a couple of months. Even watching old videos on my channel the difference between then and now is clear and I found the contrast shocking.

My hair was softer and shinier, curls were bounce and there was a general overall 'healthy hair' appearance. That's not my hair right now.

What will be different this time?

  • I am not spending all of my money on natural damn products
  • I will also NOT be spending half the weekend in the shower finger de-tangling
  • I don't know if I can avoid shampoo completely because of my scalp condition
  • Wash day can't be a whole day - hair-not-olympics
  • If I use TREsemme naturals it will be as a shampoo and I will need to find an alternative leave-in. In hindsight I didn't care much for any of the ones I used last time
  • Not buying products more than once a month so if they run out before the month ends, it's whatever I have at home
  • I hereby make a pledge to deep condition my hair once a week (I have actually done a couple recently because I bought a new Babyliss hooded dryer from Argos)

What if none of this helps?

Then I will cut my hair.


Until next time,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed