LAGOS I remember someone telling me that my dry hair issues would be a thing of the past once I got to Lagos. They weren't lying.

It's rain season now, it's humid so there's plenty of moisture in the air. So much so, that when I was still rocking my blow out a couple weeks ago (see previous post), I noticed after 2 days that my hair was starting to shrink and curl up again.

It's not a bad thing. The all day/night steam cap method I talked about in my post about dry hair is no longer a necessity.

I've currently got my hair in long twisted braids with extensions. For anyone who's interested, I used 3 packets of Xpressions colour 2. The braids are pretty long. They weren't really necessary. But protective styling never hurt anyone. They're also practical, and less stress in the mornings before work.

I'm back to spritzing my hair with my water, glycerin and oil spray mix in the evenings before bed. My hair doesn't need much more than that right now.

I've noticed some of the braids, where my curl pattern is very loose and the hair is silky, are literally slipping out/off. Don't really know what to do apart from plait them back in.

Don't have any pictures of my hair, but I'll be sure to take some and upload soon. They're actually starting to look untidy already and it's only been 2 weeks. Where the natural hair ends is really obvious and due to this wonderful humidity the ends are frizzing slightly and stick out of the twists making them bulge a little. Not too happy about that... I'll probably have to take them all out soon. But I don't mind, I kind of miss rocking the curls and having my hair out, free, and loose.

That's all for now!