Dry Hair and Winter Air #NaturalHairProblems

This Wintery Spring...

It is cold. Too cold. My hair is a dry, frizzy mess. A good hair day lasts exactly that long; one day. The normal hair routine isn't working. What I normally do:

Co-wash once a week.

Shampoo (sulphate free) once every 2 weeks.

Deep condition once a month (it's definitely not enough, and you can see that in the way my hair looks and feels right now). 

In terms of styling; I tend to rock braid outs and twist outs. Sometimes I twist my hair and just rock a hat every day for a week. 

The problem

Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie alone isn't sufficient as a moisturiser in this weather, with temperatures around 0-4 degrees celsius and snow/rain on some days. If I use too little, it doesn't provide the definition and shine that I want. If I use too much, it creates a white film/build up on my hair which flakes when dry and makes it look like I have dandruff. TREsemme naturals too isn't really working for me as a conditioner anymore. I'll use it for co-washes if there's nothing else, but as a normal conditioner or leave in? No. It isn't helping. My hair dries out too quickly. My staple deep conditioner; Shea moisture deep treatment masque isn't hitting the spot at the moment either. I find my hair still feels a little crunchy even after 30 mins under a plastic cap and heat. These products are GREAT when my hair is already in tip top condition, but not when it's dry and brittle. I was trying to avoid silicones again but desperate times call for desperate measures... 

I need to find a solution. I can't be the only one struggling right now. My ends literally look as if they're about to snap off, and I find that my scalp is quite dry too. I've been using coconut oil or olive oil mixed with lavender oil and that seems to be helping. I've even resorted to my TWA (teeny weeny afro) method of spaying my hair with water, moisturising (shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie) and sealing with an oil before braiding it into 6 plaits EVERY NIGHT. Nothing is working. I tried mini twists for like a week. My hair was actually ok when I took them out (I co washed once while they were still in) but I didn't treat/deep condition afterwards. I still haven't washed it. I say again, my hair is a mess.

The tricky part

I think I need to change my regimen a little. I'm definitely going to opt for braids or twists or some kind of protective style next month. But until then, I think I may need to mix up my products a little. The staples aren't doing much for me. I think the current routine is better for the summer or in warmer climates. The difficulty comes with trying to find a balance between products that will actually moisturise the hair properly and seal in that moisture, and products that aren't going to weigh my hair down and/or make it feel greasy or look dull.

So, what's the plan?

Well, I guess, the plan now is to go out and find another deep conditioner. Or to dig an abandoned one out of my room and try it out again. I'll start deep conditioning every weekend. While the weather is like this it's probably best not to leave it out and exposed to the elements. So it's going to be constant protective styling for me over the next few weeks. NO MORE BLOW OUTS. I love my hair blown out but I've taken liberties and you can see the effects of excessive heat. I'll start doing hot oil treatments twice a month too. I haven't done one since maybe December last year. 

It's frustrating and tiresome. You find your staple products. You establish a routine and then the weather refuses to cooperate. Add a little laziness and negligence to the mix and you've got yourself some dry, brittle, crunchy hair. I probably need a trim too. That will have to wait a few weeks. I wanted to dye my hair but that's also going to have to wait. I'm scared that if I do anything to it right now it will all fall out. I actually did put some semi-permanent colour in the front but it didn't show :(

#NaturalHairProblems #IStillLoveMyHair

Time to fix it!

Ciao for now folks!