#CurlyGirlMethod Update/Info/Review

So I was skimming some of Mahogany Curls' blog when I stumbled across this article about the CG method and some of her recent discoveries. Check it out: ---> The Curly Girl Method?

Now I don't feel so bad about my recent decision to branch away from it a little. I've always stuck to a modified version anyway. I'll still be avoiding sulphates and silicones for the most part, and I never stopped using combs to detangle (I don't have the time or patience to finger-comb/de-tangle), but I won't feel guilty about being a little more slack about certain parts of the regimen. Honestly, avoiding 90% of the products on the market can be exhausting. Especially in the UK where CG friendly products aren't easy to come by, and are normally quite expensive even when they are available for purchase  I have a load of new products my mum got me and I'm eager to try them.

Are any of my readers following the CG method? Strictly? What do think about MahoganyCurl's discoveries?

We'll see how things go.