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The Curly Girl Method

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So I remember mentioning that I was going to give the CG method a go. I was a bit reluctant initially because I saw it more as a method for naturals with a looser curl pattern/type; 3a,b and up. Although I've been following the method (loosely) for about 3 week now, in many ways I still think it is probably most effective in the type 3 and 2 hair. This is not to say that I haven't seen any positive results in my slightly kinkier hair. My main problem was that my hair can get very dry. It's mainly the tips and the sides (the kinkiest hair on my head with the tightest coils and curls). When they get dry they're crunchy and recently it has just been an uphill struggle trying to keep that hair moisturised. You know that crispy noise hair makes when it's really dry?? Like a crunch noise? Yeah... I had a lot of that going on. Not good.... 

So I turned to the CG method. It appealed to me because of the no sulphates, no silicones element of the regiment. It's all about moisture; moisturising, and re-moisturising. Sulphates definitely dry out my hair and no amount of pre-pooing or hot oil treatments is ever able to re-gain the moisture lost after a sulphate shampoo. I also noticed that silicone based products provided loads of slip which made styling and de-tangling better and easier, but created a lot of build up on my scalp and in my hair making it dull and heavy. So now it's silicone free conditioners, sulphate free shampoos (not actually part of the CG method but I'm not ready to go cold turkey with the shampooing, gotta keep my hair and scalp clean!). I'm also not sure about the no-combing or brushing rule either. Brushing I don't particularly care for. The denmen brush really is a miracle worker in terms of de-tangling, but it still breaks my hair and it also shrinks up like a *****! The curls are defined but 5-6 inch curls become 2inch curls and I'm not about that life any more. Not everyday anyway.  Combing with a wide tooth comb isn't such a problem. So the brush has been shelved for a little while. I'm still combing for now, maybe I'll cut that out eventually. We'll see. 

Products are a little tricky. My Shea moisture is still there for deep conditions once a week although I skipped mine last week (very bad). Being a product junkie means I want to try anything and everything I see or hear about. I've slowed all the way down with my product  obsession. Trying out new products is great and it's good to see what works for your hair and what doesn't but I've noticed that every time I branch out to try new products, I end up returning to the basics. I get the best results from just using water and a good leave in conditioner as well as an oil or butter to seal (in the moisture). At the moment I'm spraying my hair with water morning and night, and using TREsemme  naturals silicone free conditioner as a leave in. Yes, normal rinse out conditioner as a leave in. I saw a few videos with ladies using the product like this and I was shocked, but I decided to try it out and I like it. I add a little extra virgin olive oil to my conditioner though. I use Shea butter to seal. I have a Shea butter and cocoa butter whipped mix but as I'm away from school where all my things are, I've had to work with what's available at home. Shea butter feels great in my hair. I can't explain the science behind it, and this probably isn't what actually happens but it feels like it literally penetrates each cuticle and strand of my hair. It leaves me hair soft and shiny and my braid outs and twist outs always turn out better when I use it. They tend to last longer too. I've also been using 3 of the Naked 97% natural product line I found in Boots.

  • The miracle Worker leave in conditioner - Smells like marzipan which I don't like, does an OK job at moisturising: 5/10.
  • Naked Rescue Intensive Care Conditioner – frizzy, damaged hair. I used it to co wash a few times this month. This is nice and creamy but once again it's not the best conditioner I've ever used 6/10
  • Naked Gorgeous Curls – curl taming cream - This stuff was good. It really did define my curls, it even reduced frizz, it made my curls bouncy too. BUT when used with the leave in conditioner I ended up with a white film/build up on my hair which I wasn't happy about and it also did very little in terms of adding or sealing in moisture 6.5/10

Gels are recommended for the CG method too but I'm still not too keen on them. I've had my Olive oil eco styler gel since last year and I've barely touched it. It's actually a pretty good product; provides hold and definition, but I'm just generally not a huge gel fan. It was fine when I still had my TWA but I feel like it's just not necessary now. 

The CG method also means no heat. I'm a bit bummed because I just bought a new hair dryer with a diffuser which I was really excited about but I'm sure I'll get over it. In a few months I'll play around with it. My hair needs a trim too. I have been stalling and trying to put it off but I need to do it soon before I have a critical situation on my hands. I've ordered the CG handbook, I'll read it and review it at some point next month I think.

That's it for this update. I think I've rambled enough today.

Hope everyone is good!

Ciao for now