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5 ways to improve dry hair

Louisa recently launched her own line of natural hair products Afro Hair Solutions. She has her own blog where she writes tips and tricks, product information and advice on how to look after your hair.

Are you a naturalista that moisturises regularly, but still deals with dry hair? Here my five top tips to improve your dry hair: 1. Deep condition regularly Deep condition at least once a week.Deep conditioning prevents breakage and makes hair softer and smoother.

Product suggestion: Use my Deep Conditioning Bar if you want your hair to feel moisturised for days.

2. Cut down on heat Hair dryers dry your hair and makes your hair brittle, if your hair is brittle it can cause breakage. The best way to avoid dryness is to avoid heat completely, but if you need to use heat it is important to use a deep conditioner. That way your hair won’t dry out entirely.

3. Use water The best thing you can use in your hair is water and it is cheap and accessible everywhere. The best type of moisturisers are the ones that contains water. Look out for Aqua in the ingredients list. Other products are a nice addition, but it should never take water’s place!

Remember, water is irreplaceable!

4. Seal your ends It is important to seal your hair after you moisturise. Sealing locks in the moisture so it won’t escape. I like to use my Shea Butter Oil from Ghana to do this. I love this because not only does it make my hair feel really soft, but it also makes it look shiny and healthy too.

5. Listen to your hair This is one of the main reasons people find it hard to keep moisture in their hair. It is important to know what your hair needs and how it responds to different products and even the weather. It is imperative to test each section of your hair to see how well it works, before you use it on the rest of your hair.

Your hair may need more or less moisture in certain types of weather. For example, in dry weather your hair may require more moisture and in humid weather you may need less. It is important to know your hair and what works for it in order to get the best out of your moisturising routine.

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