Chunky Braids

Howdy all! This is going to be a very quick update. I've had my hair in a protective style, Chunky/box braids, for exactly 3 weeks now. It only took about 3 hours to do them (and I stopped to have breakfast halfway through) and the whole process was relatively painless :)

The braids are VERY big and extremely long; they go down to my bum, and each braid is thicker than my thumb. I also opted for a centre-parting (risky I know). Wasn't sure if it would work but I actually really like how it turned out.

The picture that inspired the look:

I was scrolling through instagram during the summer and saw this

I thought the braids were beautiful. Too big for me, but something I wanted to try. So I did. Loved the results...

Practical stuff:

  • I used 4 packs of Xpressions braiding extensions hair, Colour 1 (Black)
  • The centre parting didn't go too far back, otherwise putting my hair up (in a bun/ponytail) would have been a problem.
  • I made sure my hair was clean, detangled and moisturised before we started and used Olive oil to moisturise my scalp.
  • Maintenance-wise I've kept it pretty simple; silk scarf at night for bed, water, olive oil, glycerin and rosemary oil mix spray for my scalp when it gets itchy.
  • I decided not to wash my hair with the braids in because they're so big that chances are that kind of contact with water would cause my hair to frizz and make a real mess of the plaits.
  • They've been in for 3 weeks now, I will probably take them out next week Friday (making it 4 weeks) and then wash and deep condition my hair.

I also made a quick video to give people a better idea of how they look:


That's all for now folks,


Take care