Review: Afro Bob Tro

Catherine from Afro Bob Tro asked me to try out and review some products last year December time;

  •  Curl & Wave Wax
  • Clay Conditioner   

I was still on a product cycle, so I didn’t try them out straight away. I’ve started doing this to make sure I don’t waste products or money by using new stuff before I’ve cleared out what I already have - give this a go and see how much money you save!

Clay Conditioner Use 

The clay conditioner is  easy to use. I shared a video on my Twitter page. 

I wash my hair; shampooing and rinsing, then dividing it into four sections and applying the clay conditioner from tip to root. I spread and smooth is over and through my hair with my fingers and the palms of my hands. I don’t put products on my scalp, so the main area to focus on is always the ends of my hair which are the driest.  

 I use a steam cap and my microwaveable hair steamer to deep condition my hair, usually for about 15 minutes. The clay conditioner smells great, it has almost a fresh earthy sent to it. It’s the ideal deep treatment hair mask. It’s not heavily perfumed and the smell is relatively subtle. In terms of actual application and consistency, it’s pretty thick but it rubs on very smoothly, like a lotion.

I feel like when I remove the steam cap my hair has fully absorbed the richness of the product. Next I use a rinse out conditioner to detangle my hair. The product rinses out quickly with warm water - no fuss. I keep my hair in the four sections and detangle using a detangling brush (the tangle teaser) to work through any knots.

Results: Look and Feel  

The clay conditioner revives my hair. After use it feels much softer. I’ve noticed that my curl pattern is much smoother and far more consistent around my head after I have used the clay conditioner. It’s a good product for reducing frizz (if that’s what you’re going for).  All in all, I’m a big fan of this product and I would definitely use it again. 

The Curl and Wave Wax

I can’t master the wax. I’ve used this with varying degrees of success. The first time I used it the weather was much cooler and I attributed the ineffectiveness to the temperature outside. But I have tried it again, a few times and I’m still not convinced it’s for me. I find the product leaves my hair feeling the same way coconut oil does - a little brittle and greasy. If this isn’t the case for you and you are a big fan of coconut oil, then this is a product that you will love.

Day 5 hair - for best results, alternate between braids and twists each night. 

Day 5 hair - for best results, alternate between braids and twists each night. 

I tried it again using it as a sealant in a twist out but this also didn’t give me the results I was looking for - it gives my hair a stiffness I don’t want with my bigger, fluffier braid outs and twist outs. One thing I will say about the wax is that is can and does extend a braid out or twist out, so if low maintenance styles are a priority for you, this stuff will hold those curls and coils in place. After a few days or re-twisting, I can get some good results, but but mair lacks the natural shine that I get from other oils, butters and balms. 

The scent is not as appealing as a clay conditioner. It literally smells like wax. I also don’t like the fact that the product is so difficult to melt. You have to rub your hands together pretty vigourously to get the product soft enough for smooth application onto your hair. This is a product I would probably use if I was getting ready to do braids with extensions.  I think it would serve well as a hair balm and probably quite a good wax for flyaways that sometimes stick out of braids.

My verdict: this is a product that is best used for protective styling. 


The Clay Conditioner gets a solid 9/10 from me – I wasn’t joking when I said I really like this product.

The Curl & Wave Wax gets a cool 5/10 from me – I wanted it to do more and I’m still on the fence about (bees) wax in my hair.

Many thanks again To Afro Bob Tro for sending me these products to try out.

I hope this review was helpful and if you are interested in buying any of the products here click through to Amazon

That’s it for now. I may try again with the wax later this summer.  

Stay healthy, happy and blessed,