2 Months

2 month blow out

2 month blow out

It's all good It's been over 2 months since my big chop! May not seem like a long time to a lot of people, but I'm still excited.

Everything is getting easier now. I'm getting used to my natural hair, used to the hair care regime, and used to the products.

I'm still in Lagos, so very little has changed since the last posts except the length. I'm really amazed by the rate of growth! I have had little to no breakage and/or shedding. My curls are still soft, and I haven't had any issues with dryness since early July.

Products I have to talk about 2 products in particular.

1] Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner: I learnt about this product via the youtube videos and hair tutorials I watch. All my favourite video bloggers ranted and raved, and so, I searched high and low for some of this creamy elixir. I'm pleased to say I haven't been disappointed. It has a light pleasant fragrance, it's not greasy or sticky, and a little of this stuff really does go a long way. My main issue with this leave in conditioner, is that it doesn't quite give my girls the definition I'd like. It softens and moisturises my hair, but it doesn't give the hair any real shape, hold, or shine.

I found that for me, the best time to use this product is as night. I spray my hair with a little glycerin, water and oil, and spread it sparingly through my hair. I cover it with a cap overnight for maximum absorption, and my hair feels and smells great in the morning.

After I've showered, I'll normally spray my hair lightly with some more of the water mix, and then add a little of my second favourite product...

2] Allways Natural oil moisturiser - leave in conditioner: This stuff is really great. I used to use it only immediately after washing and conditioning my hair, and decided at the end of July that I would try using it as a normal moisturiser. When I started using it, I found that it wasn't helping me lock in as much moisture as I wanted, so, I added a tsp of Olive oil to the bottle, and 1 tsp of castor oil, avacado oil, and sweet almond oil. This did the trick. If I use this stuff first thing in the morning I don't have to do anything else to my hair all day. My hair is soft, curls are defined and bouncy, and the oils seal in moisture and add shine. I don't think it smells as good as the Cantu Shea butter, but the effects are amazing. Once again, a little goes a long way, which means the products really do last.

I'd recommend both products (unaltered) to people with relaxed hair too... NB: less is more; you don't want to weigh your hair down with too much product. It will end up looking and/or feeling greasy which could lead to tangling and/or breakage.

Essential Oils really are essential!

I remember reading an article a while back about the many benefits of essential oils. I tend to stick to 3; Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, and Rosemary Oil. I didn't realise how important they were even on a practical level until recently... Tap water here isn't really the cleanest. But I think once or twice I used it to top up my water/glycerin/oil mix. I remember reading that essential oils helped preserve these water mixes but I didn't really take note...

I noticed what looked like a brownish/greeny mouldy-film forming in my spray bottle a few weeks ago. There were also bits floating in the bottle. I was horrified, and baffled. I didn't leave the bottle out with the lid off, so what was the problem? I skipped the essential oils when I was mixing this particular bottle, and it seemed that perhaps the heat had accelerated the formation of bacteria. Gross right? Thankfully I hadn't been using the spray as my hair was in braids for a few weeks. But just imagine the carnage if I hadn't noticed this development. Don't take anything for granted where your hair is concerned. Don't cut corners. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your hair spray mix and go, go, go!

That's it for now!

Last weekend I fixed my FIRST EVER WEAVE!!! This may not seem like much to a lot of people but it was really exciting for me. I'll take some time to write a little about that soon and post some pictures too if I can. I've been trying to upload my 2 month update video to my youtube channel for days but I seem to be having connection problems so that may have to wait until I'm back home.

Ciao for now